I’m sitting here tonight, and the inspiration is just not flowing like it usually does.  This in itself gives me an idea for a topic.  Think about us as a human race.  We talk….a lot.  Sometimes we talk to ourselves (let’s just hope that we don’t answer).  Sometimes we talk when no one is around to hear us, and maybe sometimes we talk to people that don’t want to hear what we have to say.  Yet, still, this form of communication is very dear to us.

Think if you weren’t able to talk.  There are definitely devices out there today that can give people ways to communicate, but not many of them are as quick as just saying something.  I couldn’t imagine losing this ability, especially as an auctioneer who relies on their voice to make money.  Anyway, though, our voices are for sure precious gifts that we don’t think about often.  In this day in age, when we are all busy with being in constant communication, it’s easy to forget about our primary communication that is with our voice.  The bad part is that we can’t edit once we’ve said something.

We can’t undo the damage we’ve done once we’ve done it.  Some of us may speak before we think which gets us into trouble more often than not, and some of us may think a lot before speaking.  The problem with speaking before we think is that once someone has heard something that we said and we regret it, it’s too late.  On the flip side we have text messaging and chatting where you can constantly re-edit, revise, and rethink what you want to say before you hit the send button.  The difference, though, is that there is no inflection in written type and text messaging.  It is all subjective.

Two people receive the same text message from the same person, yet they could read it very different from each other.  It’s all about perception.  I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but if I get a message from someone that I know well I read the message in my head in their voice.  My perception adds inflection, tone, etc., and it could come off very differently from what the person meant it to be.

What does this mean though, and who cares?  Well I’m not trying to say that one form of communication is better than the other, I guess what I’m trying to say is that communication is key to our being.  We rely on it for more than one function.  We don’t just talk for no reason (usually).  We set out to accomplish a goal, we want someone to be on our side, we want to help someone, we need to ask for something, etc.  A person must be able to communicate in some way, shape, or form in order to make it in this world.

A world lacking in communication would be a very troubled world.  Students may not learn read what they need to read, people may not show up when they need to, it could be the difference between having the right surgery performed to the right person.  Communication is key in our lives and whether or not we like it, we must strive to uphold the most effective communication possible to survive.

Talking, it seems so simple to people that have always had the ability to speak.  Throughout my continuous self-discovery, I have been trying to be thankful for everything that I am blessed with.  Today that is speaking.  Something so simple that we learn from birth that sometimes seems effortless.  We must remember those that aren’t as fortunate as us who have to rely on other means to get their message across.



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