I have turned a corner…a rather large corner I might add.  I am not one for resolutions so that is not what this is.  I really can’t say what made me “wake up” or want to change, but who really cares anyway.  I have been feeling for awhile that I needed to get back in control of my life as far as my weight goes.  I work out a few times weekly as most people know, but I have never been one to reflect that fitness lifestyle in my eating habits.  Diet pop was my crack, and candy, cookies, and other sweets were everything that I loved to snack on.  Everything in moderation.  That is what everyone says.  But it really hard to live that until you truly understand that it really is everything in moderation.  

One day I missed drinking a Diet Coke.  Then one became two and two became three.  I am now at 11 days pop free besides one fountain drink this past weekend.  Not only is this helping me to save money in the workplace since I typically would purchase one from the machine daily, but it is also helping me to focus on drinking more water which I never ever do.  I have been faithful about bringing my water bottle daily and focusing on trying to drink more water daily.  I have never cared for the taste of water besides when I work out, so this is a big change, however, I have not really craved pop or caffeine since I gave it the boot.  

Working out is the next corner turned.  I teach 2, sometimes 3 classes a week, but for awhile I was in a rut.  However, I am a positive person who knows that things will get better, so I am good now.  I am making new routines, and I have been growing my classes which is seriously the best.  And these classes during the week are not enough to make a lifestyle change, so pretty much any chance I get, I am going to go to the Y and at least walk on the treadmill if not the elliptical since the weather outside is not good for walking really.  I also found an app called FitStar which is a neat app that syncs with FitBit and allows you to do workouts with personal training videos.  So far, so good, and I hope to add Boot Camp and maybe Body Pump to my routine too.  Lifestyle changes…

Last thing to change is food.  One of the hardest things when you work in a school is not eating many sweets.  Birthdays, parties, treats, etc make it hard to say no to snacking.  Like I said, though, moderation.  Starving myself has never been a way that could ever work for me, but in the past I have cut out all sweets and been hungry.  I now know this is not what you need to do.  You need to allow yourself those treats, but instead of 3 cookies, you have one.  Instead of 8 Hershey Kisses, you have 2.  The quantity is really my downfall.  I have been eating more veggies, more proteins, and cutting back overall on my quantity but making sure that I have a treat here and there and not leave myself totally hungry.  

9lbs down.  That is small in the scheme of things, but it is 9lbs.  It is progress, it is moving forward.  It takes longer than 2 weeks to make a lifestyle change, but I am hoping that my will is strong enough to keep going.  I am well aware that skinny is not the same as being in shape.  However, losing weight is what I need to becoming more fit.  This “diet” which I would rather refer to it as a “lifestyle change” does not knock out any foods.  It allows me to have days where I rest, it allows me to eat fast food if I want one day.  It does not allow me to do it everyday or fall into a rut of spending all that money on that food either.  It’s not going to be easy, but then again, it shouldn’t be easy.  So here we go.  Buckle up, I’m ready to go.