I often wonder if there are people in the world that hate music.  I’m sure they exist, I’m also sure that they are in rare form, especially in this information day in age.  How could we live without music, really?  To me, you couldn’t really.  Even without actual beats or instruments, we can use our bodies to make a tune of some sort. 

So who cares?  Right, that’s why someone writes a blog.  I’m writing this mostly due to the fact that I don’t think I could live a day without music.  I don’t think I ever have, really.  Yes, I’m your typical band geek who spent a lot of their life in a band of some sort, and I do miss it, but at the same time you don’t have to be a band geek to be a music lover.

I find music can transcend words.  Music has the ability to put words when we can’t as humans put how we are feeling into words.  I can’t tell you how many times that music has been there for me as a rhythm to cry to or to dance around the room in joy.  I’d be a liar if I said that some songs didn’t just make me cry right when I listened to them depending on my emotional state at that time, and I doubt that would have happened had the same words just been spoken to me.  It’s crazy like that, music.

Another thing that is crazy about music is the differences in genres.  I mean think about it.  There are literally endless genres.  From ska to rap to pop to opera, screamo, etc., there is something for everyone and of all ages.  No reason to not join in of the fun of music basically.  I think the coolest part though is that we can truly be a melting pot of the genres that we enjoy.  Take me for example, I literally listen to everything, even though I lean toward rap, hip hop, pop, etc.  I can also have my days were I love angry music, and sometimes I even have that soft spot for special country songs (even though those times are far and few in between).  I often wonder what makes our music preferences besides what we grow up to listening to.

Really though, can you imagine life without music?  It would be very dull.  We lighten the mood with music, we dance to celebrate, to remember, we listen to sing, we karaoke, we go to concerts just to hear music.  We are a culture of music, no matter what the type, what the genre, music unites us.

I don’t think I would want to imagine a world without music, I’ll keep the vast amount of genres, and I’ll keep my bootylicious beats.  Music keeps people together, it gives emotions a sound and a voice and allows people to understand themselves at a deeper level than they felt possible.  Basically music is life.  Remove music and life becomes a dull, blank place.