Today was a day that was one that you don’t usually see in February.  A day without a coat is rare in a PA winter, but today was an exception.  I like these exceptions and I took full advantage of the day.  I even cleaned my car which hasn’t gotten a real bath since I bought it in November.  Sadly, I went a short hour before I got it dirty again going through random puddles on the road from the melting snow.  The cool thing, though, about Spring peeking its head through the winter is the idea that everything renews itself in Spring.

Just as the trees and flowers start to come around in Spring, so does the warmer weather and sunnier days.  This also means that we get happier Pennsylvanians and nicer, less dry, skin.  Spring symbolizes the renewing of everything and if we think of life in this metaphor, we could see Spring as a chance to make something new happen in our lives.  Not that one day should make a difference, because not just want day does something usually click to make a change for most of us, but we can find peace in the fact that every year there is a consistency that after snow and blah we find sunshine and blooming trees.  Cheesy maybe, but in the same respect it is refreshing.

I am not a winter person, and I would tell anyone that.  I don’t like the cold, I don’t like the snow, the dirty cars, the salted roads, or the dry skin that comes from this time of year.  I also don’t enjoy being pale and wondering where the blessed sun is for days.  I don’t let that get me down, however.  I acknowledge the snow, I get mad at it, and I let it go.  Not all things are that simple to do for me, and I know that many things are easier said than done.  That is the neat thing about being a work in progress though.  I am trying to constantly better my self through my self-image and how I react to others to get to where I want to be.  It’s this unsettling of myself that makes me comfortable with who I am but also makes me strive to be better in some aspect that is lacking.  I will never be perfect, I am far from it, however I hope that in the years to come I gain a better sense of self and help others to see the same things in themselves.  Self-esteem is one of those things that is not something can give you externally, but I’m not saying the extrinsic things do not matter either.  Constantly being put down by someone you love is definitely extrinsic and a way to feel low self-esteem.  However, it is an inside job like happiness and even if someone puts us down, it is our choice of whether or not to react.

Just like Spring gives the trees another chance to bloom, we can give ourselves another chance to help ourselves or someone else that is in need of a pick-me-up.  Sometimes the best advice we can give is no advice at all (spoken like a true counselor there).  Our support and caring attitude is what other people need to get through the tough times.  Giving answers is not helpful.

So as Spring approaches and the sun keeps teasing us, know that you have the potential to change something for you or someone else…or both!  It’s never too late to get on the wagon of helping and being there for someone.