First of all, I am pleased to say that the NHL lockout is over.  All order can be restored in Pittsburgh, and we can move onto see great things….hopefully.  It’s annoying to me that they even fight over money like that when in all honesty they make more money in one year to play a sport than I’ll ever see in my lifetime probably (though a girl can hope!).  I’ve missed hearing about the Penguins though, so it will be a nice addition to the winter.

This morning was hilarious.  Just hilarious.  No other words can describe.  My bro’s neighbor was arrested for trying to make friends at the bank by giving them weed.  Who does things that like that you may ask?  I have no idea….but it made for a good laugh.  Find the article here:
I was thinking last night among many other things how quickly time goes.  I found my old Xanga account where the last post had been from 2006.  That post was 22 days before I got my PA driver’s license when I was 16.5, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why I randomly just stopped posting all of the sudden.  There was no formal goodbye, but there was the confession that with the invention of Facebook, most of my time was now being diverted to there.  Don’t forget about MySpace either!
But seriously, look at how quickly time goes.  One minute someone can be breathing, perfectly healthy, and the next they could be dead on the spot whether because of some freak accident or just because it’s their time.  I don’t claim to believe in destiny, but it does make you wonder why some people seem to slip away from us so quickly and why others hold on or even have to suffer before they die.
These thoughts about time are not usually pleasant ones, but it’s something that we have to consider when thinking about our daily interactions with others.  We may take for granted something that we could lose an hour later.  When was the last time you thought about being able to walk or talk or even just speak?  I know I don’t think about that often, and maybe if we did we would get hung up on such things, but we have to realize that these are all blessings.  We wake up every morning, we are blessed.  It could be the worst day of our lives, but I’m sure that there is something good that we can look at.
It’s funny, me saying these things, because about a year ago I was the most down person I know.  We all go through ups and downs, though, which make us human.  I just know that the next time I’m having a bad day, I’m going to try to think of this blog.  I want to challenge myself to be able to cherish the interactions I have with people, maybe be a little too forgiving, and live my life to the fullest as I know how.
Challenge accepted.



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