I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the words, “You are so busy.”  Something that always resonates in my head is hearing Rachel Simmons talk at ASCA conference saying that being busy all the time puts you into the curse of the “good girl.”  Maybe that’s me, the person that can’t turn something good down, maybe I’m that person, and most of the time I don’t mind it.  But today, today, I’m stressed.

The funny thing is though that even though I’m oodles over the top busy, I’m still rather calm.  I’m just sitting here at the computer, typing this blog and thinking about all of the things that I have to do once I finish this blog but my breathing is regulated, and I feel quite fine.  I can’t say the same thing about myself 2 years ago.

I’ve never been the type of person to overract to things outwardly, but in my own mind, that’s a different story.  2 years ago I would freak myself out, and think that everything was about to go wrong.  I can’t quite pinpoint when then shift to positivity occurred for me, but I must say that I enjoy it a lot more now.  I really think that this counseling program has done a lot for my life though overall.

I’m happier.  It’s not that I wasn’t happy before, but I’m genuinely satisfied with everything in my life right now, and I think  a lot of people struggle with that.  I’ve gotten to know myself very well, and that’s something that isn’t easy to do either, and sometimes we may not want to get to know who we really are in fear of what we may behold.

I’m not an advice-giver.  I think that I’m better off for that.  I can help people now by leading them to their own solutions, knowing that I helped them play around with different ideas until they made a decision that could or may not work out for them in the long run.  You never know until you, and that’s the real leap of faith.

Faith.  One thing that I’ve really come to appreciate over the past few years of my life.  In ways, I have embraced being a Catholic.  In other ways, some may say that I’m not very Catholic.  I, for one, believe in gay marriage.  I also believe in married priests, obviously.  “What a hypocrite!” some might say, but I have my reasons, and that’s fine if you don’t believe what I do because I’m sure you have your reasons and that satisfies you.  I’m not here to preach that something is right or wrong, I’m simply here to say my beliefs.  Faith is something that is very inward to me.  I am not going to walk around screaming that I love Jesus, even though I do.  I like going to church every week, some people may think that’s weird, but it’s really refreshing to me (especially when the priest is interesting).

If there is one thing that this multicultural class has taught me, it is that everyone is beautiful in their own way.  I knew that before, and I definitely embraced it before, but I have a new appreciation for everyone and everything.  Growing up I was taught to accept everyone whether it was explicit or not, we did not belittle people in my family.  I deeply thank my parents for the way I grow up, and I would not trade them for the world.  They taught me to be a hard worker and to always do good for other people.  My parents are god-given.

Tangents is really what this blog is about I guess, going on tangents so I don’t really have to worry about school work for the next ten or so minutes when I’m done writing this and actually have to do work.  So far this year has been a very very busy one, hence the title and my lack of blogging for so long.  There has not been a weekend in over 2 months that I can recall sitting for more than an hour besides in a car going somewhere or sleeping.

I thank God for my ability to be this busy and to get done what I need to, even if it may be later than I wanted it to be (never school work though).  Is it the curse of the good girl?  I may never know, but I thank god that he made me one awesome juggler. 🙂