You know those times that you do other things to get out of doing what it is your really have to you?  Yeah.  That’s now.  I need to finish my binder and maybe (probably not) go to bed early in order to be ready for the big day.  I am like my own 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in that I’m nervous about tomorrow.  I know, I know, it’s my second year, but I am feeling more high strung than last year.  Funny thing is that last year went just fine, so this year is sure to follow, right?  Hopefully!

Anyway…I felt it necessary to write a poem about the PSSA’s and it is going to be totally off the top of my head so here it goes:

There once was a test that happened every spring,

School was mostly done but the state had to add that zing,

It goes by the name of PSSA,

And it takes up a lot of my school day,

It makes teachers nervous and students too,

Sometimes it even makes us blue,

I tell all the students to just do their best,

If they do this it won’t feel like much of a test,

I don’t like that it makes my students fret,

But I do give them all the support they can get,

It would be really cool if we didn’t have them,

Hopefully by the time my 4th graders are DuBois Alum,

They will be finished and no longer a thing,

A girl can dream for no more tests the future will bring.


I don’t know about that…but it’s a poem, and it rhymes so maybe it has some value?  Haha.  Anyway….this day was crazy to say the least and it’s only Monday.  I’m just hoping that the week goes quickly and that no issues come up.  I just want my kiddos to know that they will be just fine and they will make it to the next grade.  This time of year puts so much stress on everyone, and it’s just so nice to be done with it once May hits.  All I can hope for is a smooth day, week, and month.  Say a little prayer, keep us in your thoughts, because the educators of PA are having a rough week.