So I know it has been an insanely long amount of time since I have caught you up on my life, so here it goes in a few paragraphs.  School ended June 20th after six weeks of utter hell.  It was all worth it though once the class picnic came around and we could relax again…until August.  We became quite the little family over the summer and it makes me look forward to the fall.  

As July comes to its midpoint though, I am reminded how quickly this summer is going.  I already have shot a wedding this summer and numerous sessions, which I really can’t put a number on right now….just so many!  Which is awesome!  I never would have imagined this being my life, but I love it.  I couldn’t ask for something better to see people in their most happy moments all the time.  Whether they are in love or just being a happy family, I get to witness all those smiles and capture them in time.  I love my hobby.

I did a little talk today for the young adults at the Clearfield library which was an enriching experience for me and I hope the kids as well!  It was neat to be able to talk about the elements of a picture and see what the kids liked taking pictures of.  In August, I am doing a talk for the Center for Active Living.  Tomorrow I get to go to my favorite city for a pirate’s game and then Saturday I get to do engagement pics of my freshman year roommate.  Sunday I get to take Sharon and Jason’s.  🙂

And if July weren’t already crazy enough, I go for training for the autism conference Monday and Tuesday of next week which happens later in the month.  I’ve been teaching Zumba two times a week as well on Mondays and Wednesdays.  What do I do in my spare time you may ask?  Edit photos and watch Private Practice or Weeds with my Dad.

I have so many people ask me how I do it, how I keep up with being so busy….but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There is something about juggling everything that makes me more productive in my everyday life.  Busy is just state of being, not a state of mind.  We have to embrace our business and also be able to slow down every once and awhile for ourselves such as mindless TV or an hour of Zumba.  Balancing is important.  In more than one aspect of our lives, we must balance.  We must be able to stop and be with the people we care about most and embrace the moments that we have with them.

So be busy, but don’t forget the little things in life either. 🙂  Happy July all.