Once you become a part of the education world, snow days and 2 hour delays once again become your friends as they were when you were in K-12.  Let’s face it, they existed in college, but they were not nearly as utilized as they should have been most times.  Today, we have a snow day for the cold.  Not something that I remember as much as when I was a youngster, but none the less I got to sleep in today, so that’s a plus.

Life has been good for me, it’s one of those times that you wonder if something bad is about the happen because of the nature of how well things really are going.  They aren’t perfect by any means, but it terms of happiness, I’m pretty much up there on the scale (which is finally a good thing as compared to the weight scale!).  If you could ask me the fantasy question, (if I could change anything about my life what would it be?) I would have a few answers but they are things that could wait or could come with time, years down the road.  It’s funny, though, because now I analyze life in a different way than I ever did before I had a job or was 24 years old.

I look at life as moments and things that are either going to happen or aren’t going to happen.  Let me explain.  It’s not that I don’t care about anything because that’s definitely not the type of person that I am.  Rather, it’s looking at life in chunks of time.  I’m not going to stress over things that I can’t control.  I try to teach my kiddos this all the time, but it’s not something that another person telling you is going to help.  We can only control ourselves and our reactions and that is so much what counts in life.  If we overreact, which I know I do occasionally, we have to be ready to take a step back and reanalyze what is going on and move forward from that.  Just because we maybe nervous about something, doesn’t mean that we can’t do it and thrive in it.

Change is not something that I always like, once I get in my groove, I like it to stay in that groove, but in the same respect how boring it is when everything is the same.  That’s why I love the work that I do.  No day is the same, for reals.  There is never a day that something comes up in a deja vu sort of way, elementary schools are just not like that whatsoever.  Thank God for that, too!  I wouldn’t want to come work, sit at my desk, and do the same thing as the day prior.  I need constant motion.  For those of you that know me, or even if you don’t know me well, you know I’m always going…somewhere.  I get cabin fever VERY easily, and it’s not crazy to find me in another town or state in a given weekend.  I like doing things, but I also like my me time.  I’m a true ambivert.  I’m not an extrovert or an introvert, and I think that’s what makes life so interesting and confusing at times for me.

Not that this blog really has a theme, but I just want to point out how well things have been going for me.  I am truly blessed everyday, and I am truly grateful for that.  It’s not everyday that you get to say that you love where you are and what you are doing.  I can honestly say that I don’t mind waking up and going into work.  (Even though some days the extra sleep of a 2 hour delay is nice!)  Thanks for reading and stay warm! 🙂